10 travel destinations your bikini is dying to visit

Let us take you on a journey, through some of Pez León’s favourite destinations. And there’s a lot to choose from…


Italy- Italy is elegant and romantic. With a lot of history and bucket list landmarks. Not to forget their amazing cuisine- what's better than Italian Pizza?

Left: Bubble Gum Pink, Right: Urchin Black



Dubai- Pez León’s first home and where the brand grew up. This desert turned vibrant city is like non-other, its above and beyond anything you’ve seen before.

Left: Reversible Collection, Middle/Right: Mix N' Match Collection



Maldives- The world’s dreamiest islands, so bring your dreamiest bikini along with you.

Left: Mango Yellow, Right: Seafoam Green



Zanzibar- Just next to Tanzania, this African island is tranquil and secluded. With wide stretched beaches and sweet little beach huts scattered throughout the coast.

Left and Right: Seafoam Green



Bali- The spiritual land of Bali. You can explore endlessly, and meet the sweetest people on the planet.

Left and Middle: Urchin Black



Caribbean- Nothing gets more luxurious than the beaches in the Caribbean.

Left and Right: Lilac



Vietnam- The destination if you want to soak in some culture. From stunning beaches- to the hustle and bustle of the busy cities.

Middle: Urchin Black, Right: Seafoam Green



England- A Pez León bikini should be the first thing you pack for your relaxing spa day in the english countryside. Swimwear isn’t just for your holidays in the sun...

Left: Sea Salt White, Right: Urchin Black



Mauritius- A teeny country located off the coast of East Africa, with transparent waters and white sand beaches.

Left: Seafoam Green



California- A place where you can hike up glorious mountains to the Hollywood sign, while soaking in that blissful Cali sun.

Middle: Bubble Gum Pink, Right: Lilac



February 20, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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