How Pez León Swimwear started 

Pez León Swimwear strives to continue producing timeless designs combining quality and style. Our customers love the fact that we design with comfort with on trend styles in mind. Wearing our swimwear means every day is a beach day and every individual can embrace our style and designs.

When Pez Leon swimwear was established in 2018, we started with a women’s collection that was inspired by the Brazilian cut. We endeavored to bring the vibes of South America to the beaches of the UAE. All designs from start to finish were created in house by our founder Nadia Francesca. As the brand expands we have started to create swimwear for the whole family.

At Pez León swimwear we pride ourselves for being on trend, creating timeless pieces with the most luxurious fabrics making you comfortable and ready to for the beach or pool day ahead.

Behind the name

Pez León translates to Lionfish. A powerful species that is strikingly colourful and has many fins of all shapes, sizes and colours. A name that represents our swimwear’s deep connection with the ocean and encompasses individuality. A Spanish translation that was chosen through Nadia’s love of travel and languages.


Lionfish: explore the depths of every ocean and tackle every wave that may come your way.  ‘Nadia Francesca’

Ahead of the game

What does the future hold for Pez León?

Our designs over the years have been molded and improved by our clients’ direct feedback, preferences and requirements. Whilst keeping our designs classic, they are always stylish, supportive and comfortable.

An important part of our journey is our sustainability. Our swimwear packaging comes in stylish waterproof recycled zipped plastic pouches that not only can store your wet swimwear after a day in the sun but also is the perfect place to carry all your beach essentials and valuables. It’s our aim that our packaging becomes part of your lifestyle and identity, rather than landfill. And we’re always looking for the next initiative to become eco-friendlier.

We aim to be an essential part of all of your lives and so bring us along to wherever this wonderful world takes you. 


Part 2

Founder- Nadia Francesca

Spent her 20’s travelling the world whilst based in the UAE. Nadia was longing for swimwear with a Brazilian twist that could fit every shape, every style and every identity. Throughout her life, Nadia has always had a creative flair for textiles and design. So after years of looking for the perfect bikini and a lot of research, the brand was born in the Summer of 2018. Pez León was no longer a dream but her future. We fast track to 2021, where she has just launched a family collection, expanding the brand to include not only women, but men and children. Expressing how important family and enjoying and capturing moments in life are.

 A message to you from Nadia

‘What makes you feel good? A simple question that has a million different answers. For me its feeling comfortable in my own skin – I created this brand to help me feel good about myself. I developed that to help others feel good about themselves also. Being comfortable in your own skin will give you the glow, the power and the courage to do anything you want to do. I wanted to create a swimwear brand that would brighten your day, make you smile and look good and create memorable moment you will never forget. A swimwear piece that will stay with you for years to come. Its timeless and effortless.’

Behind the scenes

Each piece of Pez León swimwear starts with an idea and a sketch, and is then designed and styled by Nadia herself. It’s a long process to get the desired style and look, as it takes time to create the perfect swimwear. Nadia found the most luxurious fabrics through travelling the world and experimenting with endless samples. Chopping and changing every last detail of the design, until her vision becomes a reality.