5 Ways You Can Celebrate Pride Month 2021

At Pez León, we applaud individuality, those unafraid to show their true colours and those who know that their sexuality and gender doesn't need to define them. Its just love that matters! Celebrate this month with us, and all the beautiful colours our swimwear collections have to offer. 



1) Book your tickets and attend a pride festival- find out what festival is nearest you at Gay Pride Dates. Even if you need to catch a flight there, it’s one of the most freeing, liberating and enjoyable festivals you can ever attend.
2) Outfit? Check. Going to be in the sun? Wear a rainbow of colour. Pez Leon has every colour imaginable. Choose a colour that represents who you are, and how you want to show yourself to the world. Shop our new pastel collection.
Left: Pastel Blue and Pastel Yellow Sophia Top and Olivia Bottoms. Right: Pastel Purple and Pastel Green Sophia Top and Olivia Bottoms.


3) Celebrate through the arts. Celebrate all the great gays and LGBT+ community, by reading their books, watching their films and listening to their music. So many legends live before us that identify other than hetrosexual, and they deserve this month to be celebrated. 
Our top book to read: Call me by your name, by André Aciman (the movie is just as good).
Our top TV show to watch: Modern Family. (The main characters include a gay couple, they will make you laugh and make you cry)
Our top artist to listen to: Lady GaGa, her music is so empowering to the LGBT+ community. 
4) Have your own Pride Party. Have a theme of all things rainbow. From cupcakes, to flags, to outfits, to décor. Make this day as bright and as colourful as it's community. 
5) Pride night out. Disclaimer: the UAE is strict on homosexuality being illegal. Dubai however, is more liberal, but be careful when showing any form of same-sex love. Yet, that doesn’t stop you from having a good time and dancing the night away, now does it?
Or book your flights to more liberal parts of the world and celebrate yourselves like it’s your birthday, like you’re reborn. Because this month is about you and its about love without limits.


June 24, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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