What colour should you be wearing this summer?

The Pastel Trend


Searching for summer inspiration? Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest dying get on board with this year's fashion? Want to know 2021's colour trend before anyone else? 
Middle: Hailey Bieber. Left: Pastel Pink Cara Top, Olivia Bottoms Right: Pastel Purple Cara Top, Mia Bottoms 
Pastel shades are this years must. Colours that represent a cool, calm and collected 2021. Fashionistas say that after the year 2020 brought, 2021 is the year for pastels, because they signify openness, vitality and clarity. 
Left: Pastel Green Olivia Bottoms. Middle: Pastel Green Sophia Top and Olivia Bottoms. Right: Pastel Green Mia Top and Cara Bottoms. 
They're effortless and soft; colours that resemble baby blue calm skies and gentle lilac sunsets. 
Left: Pastel Blue Mia Top 
Delicious, like mint sorbet, peaches and cream, pale pink macarons or freshly picked lemons. 
Middle: Pastel Yellow Mia Top and Cara Bottoms. Right: Kylie Jenner
These colours create a zen-like mood, where you can be at one with the world. And the world is your oyster. 
Left: Pastel Orange Sophia Top and Olivia Bottoms. Middle: Pastel Orange Mia Top and Cara Bottoms. Right: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
Get ahead of the trend with Pez León's brand new, Pastel collection.
Left: Pastel Purple Mia Top and Cara Bottoms. Middle: Matilda Djerf.
June 15, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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