6 Bucket-list Restaurants to Try

We’re taking you on a foodie-venture, listing six of the best restaurants this world has to offer.

Amante, Ibiza. This restaurant is surrounded by a cave, over-looking the most tranquil beach. Trust us, it’s one of the best views you will ever set eyes on. They serve fresh fish, Spanish tapas and home-grown vegetables. Their fish croquettes are to die for.

Al Hadheerah, Dubai. An outdoor oasis, hidden away between the sand dunes, Al Hadheerah serves authentic, midden Eastern cuisine. Eat on the floor, at the table or by the fire. There are smoking BBQ’s at every turn and dessert towers of traditional Arabian sweets.

The Fat Duck, UK. A 3 star restaurant with a bit of Michelin and a bit of madness. Heston Blumenthal is notorious for his wackiness and creativity. If you ever get the chance, it’ll be unforgettable. The Fat Duck has a British based menu, with dishes that are nostalgic and damn-right tasty. He even serves a ‘snail porridge’.

Noir, Vietnam. Have you ever dined in complete darkness? When you lose one sense, your other senses are heightened and this makes eating even more special. It’s the most surreal, vulnerable but beautiful experience out there. Visually and hearing impaired staff run the show, and it’s not one to miss. The best part is guessing at the end. Do you know what a carrot truly tastes like?

Mirazur, France. This is voted world’s best by ‘World’s best 50 restaurants’ in 2019. The restaurant sits over the French riviera, and has panoramic views of their beautiful, botanical gardens. The menu is inspired by the earth; the sea and nature. Such as a salt-crusted beetroot from its own garden and caviar cream.

Pizza Loves Emily, New York. This small restaurant, supposedly, serves the best burger in NYC (even though it specialises in pizza…). It’s not your typical American burger, but; a dry-aged beef patty, with cheddar and caramelised onions, their secret ‘emmy sauce’ and a pretzel bun. Food insider said it was just the perfect balance of fattiness, sweetness, heat and savoury notes.

 Are you hungry yet?


April 04, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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