4 Places to Travel to in Summer 2021
These are four countries that are welcoming us back, with open arms (at a distance that is).The UK’s traffic light system controlling our holiday plans has been painful for us all. But the green list is growing and that means our summers, are looking brighter than ever. And the UAE is becoming non-other than an oven; hitting highs of 50 degrees. So, Pez León has found four beautiful destinations to travel to for the summer of 2021.
Escape to Mykonos, Ibiza, Bali or the Dominican Republic. We know your toes are dying to touch the sand, and after the year we’ve had, we know you need a well-earned holiday.
Mykonos, Greece
One of the world’s most dazzling islands. Experience the blue and white architecture, built upon the caves surrounding the sea, indulge in traditional mezze cuisine and meet the gorgeous Greek people- they’re some of the kindest people on earth.
Where to visit
180 Degrees Sunset Bar. Their fairy lights are magical in the evening, they light up the sky like huge fireflies. Then sit on their floor cushions and listen to the waves crash upon the shore below.
What to wear
  • Bikini? Get in the Greek spirit with our Sea Salt White Bikini and our Deep Sea Blue. Why not mix and match?
  • Clothing? Pair with a silky or satin midi skirt that is elegant and lightweight and can be worn at lunch and then easily slipped off at the beach.
  • Shoes? Hermes sandals for all that walking on those rustic cobbled paths.
Ibiza, Balearic Islands
It is looking like Ibiza is opening up. I can already feel that strong red Ibizan sunset on my skin, taste the salty air and hear that distant beat from the clubs that are waiting for your dancing feet to enter.
Where to visit
Ocean Beach. Have you really been to Ibiza if you haven’t visited Ocean beach? You’re guaranteed a whale of a time, and the beach club has the perfect balance between hard partying to relaxation. Whether you choose their dance floor or to chill on their comfy sofa beds. Those orange cups aren’t going to drink themselves.
What to wear
  • Bikini? You’re free to be who you are in Ibiza and stand out, so our delicious Mango Yellow will be eye-catching, in any crowd.
  • Clothing? Find a glitter make-up artist on your way to O Beach and let them enhance your look with a splash of glitter.
  • Shoes? Wear some wedged sandals to give that club vibe, but not high enough to break ones ankle.
Bali, Indonesia
It’s predicted, Bali is back in business come this July. They have made ‘travel bubbles’ with some countries and there is hope that the UAE will be on that list. The place to travel to if you want spirituality and adventure.
Where to visit
Gili Islands, the island is a paradise and in the evening… turns into a party. This tiny island makes you feel like you’re the only people in the world. Cycle around the island in just 30 minutes, with wild turtles just metres from your feet.
What to wear
  • Bikini? Dress your selves in pastel colours, they’re 2021’s trend to look out for. Be the first to wear pastel in our Deep-Sea Lilac or Bubble-Gum Pink bikinis.
  • Clothes? Bali is a spiritual place, and you can incorporate this in your look. With a woven sun hat and white linen dress or two piece.
  • Shoes? Bare foot, you’re in Bali and it’s the place to feel as natural and as free as can be.
Dominican Republic, Caribbean
Drink from a fresh pineapple in your hand, eat all the Caribbean food you can manage, and stroll on the most incredible beaches you have ever laid eyes on. It's open to all tourists right now, so take advantage of this beautiful place. 
Where to visit
Bavaro Beach. It’s a beach that looks too perfect to be real. Their resort was voted among the top 10 best beach hotels in the world with white sand, palm trees and pale blue waters.
What to wear
  • Bikini? The Caribbean is all about colour. It’s vibrant and your bikini should be too. The Seafoam Green bikini or Mango Yellow bikini would fit right in with that Caribbean vibe.
  • Clothes? A light, floating dress with splashes of colour and pattern is a must have in the Caribbean.
  • Shoes? Espadrille sandals would be perfect to match your killer dress, they’re perfect for exploring as well as walking on the beach. Christian Dior’s new design are a must this year.
June 02, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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