What to pack in your beach bag

Bringing together the perfect guide of beach essentials


Pez León has created the ultimate guide for how to pack your beach bag, perfect for each occasion.

Days by the ocean with your family and kids


  1. Suncream

It’s a given, but we’ve all been there, the lobster look isn’t the one and make sure you take a higher factor for the kids too.

  1. Bat and ball

One of the best beach games, have a break from phones and ipads and get playing a bit of bat and ball.

  1. Lilo

Lilos are perfect for mum if you want to just float while Dad is entertaining the kids, or great for the kids to play endlessly in the pool.

  1. Circular towels

One towel can cover at least two people- it means more room in your bag.

  1. Snacks

We all get peckish when sunbathing all day, bring a watermelon for the whole family to share.

  1. Underwater phone cover

Treasure those precious memories, and get pictures and videos of the whole family swimming in the sea.

Chill sunbathing days with your partner

  1. Hair brush

Avoid that horrible knottiness and bring a hair brush- it’ll be the best thing you bring all day.

  1. Tanning oil

Bali Body is so moisturizing, naturally made and will completely enhance your tan, leaving you totally sun-kissed.

  1. Unique One

A conditioning hair spray to make salty hair bearable.

  1. Vogue Magazine for her and GQ for him

Catch up with 2021’s spring/summer fashion and be ahead of the latest trends.

  1. A Novel

Lose yourself in your favourite book and take a break from screens.

  1. Earphones

You can share an earphone or AirPod each if you just want to sunbathe while listening to your favourite tunes.

Beach Club with your Girls

“Beach to bar”


  1. Killer Bikini

We may be biased, but Pez León bikinis are timeless. Get ready to turn heads in Pez León swimwear.

  1. Jewellery

Dress up your bikini with the perfect gold shells and boho accessories from Pez León.

  1. Big bottle of H20

Its so important to keep hydrated when your soaking in them rays, especially if you’re enjoying the odd cocktail or beer too.

  1. Beach bag

Take a classic Christian Dior or have a look at our own black mesh beach bag.

  1. Sunglasses

A statement beach accessory.

  1. Beach wrap

For that beach to bar moment.

  1. Face powder

This is very much needed when partying hard in that glorious sun.

February 27, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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