Your Valentine’s Day Planned in Dubai: Fall in Love With Dubai

Pez León has planned your whole day and night to make Valentine’s 2021 one to remember.


It’s the year to make the most of Valentines. The day to celebrate love with your one and only or your girl gang. This concrete desert goes above and beyond when it comes to Valentine’s day, and you should take total advantage.  




9am: Have that perfect Sunday lie-in with the one you love. Indulge in breakfast in bed before you exchange your Valentines gifts; red roses and a magnum of Champagne.


Tip for your man: Hint for a new Valentines pink bikini from Pez León to accompany you on your day plans. Our Bikinis are just as sexy as lingerie.




10am: If you want a Breakfast date out, venture to Forever Rose Dubai. The new breakfast venue that creates the illusion you’re in a storybook. A 3D adventure



11am: It’s time to be daring out in the desert. Hire dune buggies to fly around the sand dunes with all your gals, or drive side-by-side with your partner.


Or if you really want to splash that cash, a helicopter exploring Dubai will make this V day unforgettable.





12pm: It’s Beach-Club O’clock. W Dubai- The Palm, hosts the best Ladies day on Sundays. Don’t forget to pack your Pez León bikini. We recommend Bubble Gum Pink for Valentines.  


4pm: It’s been four long hours of dancing and drinking, and it’s time to transform from salty hair and dripping make-up into a killer dress and the sexiest lingerie underneath.



6pm: Yes, it takes us this long to get ready, but you know it will be totally worth it. Make it a classic and romantic evening by dining out with your loved one.


Anatara The Palm Dubai Resort takes you to a Thai Paradise, and offers a candle-lit dinner on a private beach, just for you two.


Ce La Vie Dubai has made this valentines really special. Chef Howard Ko will cook for you privately, with views of the Burj Khalifa and gifts from Tiffany for AED 500,000. This maybe the Valentine’s Date that is screaming a proposal.


Nusr-Et Dubai. It’s the man himself... Salt Bae. Who has been making many appearances in the Dubai restaurant. Valentine's only comes once a year, so order that 24k gold steak and let Salt Bae theatrically slice your steak and sprinkle that salt!


Or book a huge table and cheers to Galentine’s.



Opa Dubai, it’s a night you won’t stop laughing. Experience Greek plate-smashing and Greek dancing- it’s truly, a night to remember.


11pm: After drinking bottles and bottles of champagne and eating till you burst, it’s time to take this Valentine’s back home and draw-back the curtains.


1am: Sorry girls, the pandemic says you’ve got to go home. You may wake-up with a sore head and a need of a health shot- but wasn’t it a great Galentines?

February 06, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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