10 of The Best Swimwear Movie Moments


We’ve rounded up ten of the most unforgettable swimwear moments, to take you on a cinematic journey from Bond to Baywatch. It’s a shame there isn’t an Oscar for the best bikini moment...

Ursula Andress in Dr. No (1962). Probably to date, the most famous beach scene in the history of film. The bond girl wows in a cream structured, ruffled bikini top and belted bottoms. Not to mention a pocket to carry her knife.


Margot Robbie in Focus (2015). Margot plays a con artist alongside actor Will Smith. She poses in a black two-piece, Herve Leger bikini. A unique piece with different layers, straps and a scooped top.



Jennifer Anniston in Just Go With It (2011). Jennifer may of been 42 when filming but her body sure doesn’t show it! The is the moment Cathrine, a plain mumsey character strips off to show her stringed pink bikini and, as Adam Sandler puts, ‘sneaky hot body’. Similar to Pez Leon’s bubble gum pink Miss Kiki top and Miss Cara bottoms.


Marilyn Monroe in Clash By Night (1952). One of the first major roles Marilyn starred in. She looks unbelievable in her black low cut supported top and large 50’s style bottoms. Just like the Miss Zuri top and Miss Brooklyn bottoms.



Kate Upton in The Other Woman (2014). This romantic comedy shows three unlikely friends come together and to expose their cheating boyfriend. Kate Upton runs on the beach in slow motion, who’s so wonderfully blessed with, as Cameran Diaz says- ‘double D’s’. In a triangle crisp white bikini top and stringed bottoms. Where have we seen this before? Pez León have a lookalike, the sea salt white Miss Kiki top and Miss Cara bottoms.



Halle Berry in Die Another Day (2002). James Bond watches Halle Berry through his binoculars as she rises from the waves and walks ashore. Halle looks stunning in her orange supportive bikini top and belted bottoms. Inspired by Ursula Andress’ previous bikini. Our wired bikini ‘Mandalay’ top is very shaping and supportive, just like this.





Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii (1961). The king of rock and roll, and quite obviously, the king of swimwear. The 60’s heartthrob sings and plays his guitar in white high shorts, with a sport stripe down the side. Oh, take us to Hawaii.


Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006). Another Bond, another swimwear scene. The 007 agent flaunts his light blue and black brief swimwear shorts on a beach in the Bahamas. Daniel Craig made his bond debut unforgettable.



Zac Efron in Baywatch (2017). In this remake, Zac Efron becomes a lifeguard and teams up with ‘The Rock’ to save lives and uncover criminal activity on the beach. Zac wears stand-out geometric, bright red and blue swim shorts.


Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999). Jude Law meets the talented Mr. Ripley on a beach, with Gwyneth Paltrow sun bathing by his side. His shorts are a vintage cream, medium length with a maroon coloured pattern of surfboards. One of our  favourite swimwear moments.


Pez León swimwear- from Dubai to Hollywood

February 14, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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