Top Travel Pieces to Pack for the Plane
Have you ever got off the plane and you're achey, tired and agitated from spending hours in such a small space? Your bum is numb, your eyes are heavy and you're desperate to shower the plane smell off. Pez León have brought together 8 things for you to pack for the plane, so your journey is as comfortable as can be. 
1. Eye mask 
Especially if you're on a day flight. Any sunlight will surpress the hormone melatonin, which will keep you awake. Or even natural melatonin tablets will help you sleep.
2. Ear plugs
We all love babies, but when they start to scream on a plane, there isn't much worse. Ear plugs will do the trick.
3. Layers
You can always take layers off if you're too hot, but you can’t add them if you get a bit chilly.
4. Food
Its not a secret that plane food is very very average, so bring you're favourite snacks for when you get a bit peckish on the flight.
5. Books
Books are better than movies, because they kill more time and you're more likely to sleep sooner without staring at a screen. 
6. Comfy clothing
For a long haul flight, wear PJ like clothing such as fluffy socks, a hoodie and joggers. It'll help you feel snug if you're wanting a snooze on the plane.
7. Calms and lavender spray
Are you a nervous flyer? Calms and lavender spray help you enter a calmer state of mind. Or put some music on or a good podcast to distract you and calm your nerves.
8. Neck pillow
These are a god send for comfort. Even if you're not going to sleep, they're everyone's favourite travel buddy.
Pez León's final tip*
Have that one side of your bag with everything in, (such as your passport and boarding passes) so you can constantly check it’s all there- without frantically rooting through your bag every few minutes. 
Happy Travels!

June 10, 2021 — Lydia Dalby

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